Phew! Okay. Page up! Hoes down (just kidding). Anyway please understand that it’s not really that Rodney hates the disabled. He’s just prone to the cliche of the “ugly villain”. Meaning, he kinda interprets hooks, patches, and that sort of thing as villainy. The way a child gets scared of things they don’t understand. He’s  a stupid guy.

Anyways! Is this issue really just about the gang standing about? Talking? Well… You’ll see. Do tune in Friday and thanks again for reading guys. You’re the greatest.

Now who plays Wii games?

I finally finally finally have broad band in my house. I’ve worked for years off of dial up or some other hokey crap. Thank GOD I can update now. But also it’s great to finally be able to game! Now I gotta warn you… I’m NOT really the most active gamer. I spend more time on the comic than anything. However I DO want to post my friend codes and try to get some online gaming action going. So here goes:

Mario Kart wii: (I’ll appear as Steph)

Smash Brothers wii:

Animal Crossing wii:
5456-8092-2243  (I don’t have the microphone thingy, sorry!)

Anyways I hope this allows me to pair up and game a bit! Again, I’m really more into comics than gaming, but when I DO game it’s marathon style so keep your eyes peeled! Post yours in the comments field or email me if you like.

See you friday gang!