Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This page’s coloringĀ  job… it irks me. It looks much better in black and white. Oh well. You have to step away from the page sometime. That’s kinda what took so long today. I just couldn’t stop reworking things! Oh well. Over thinking is the enemy of art of any kind.

Anyway meet Kentaro and Janedora! Or Kenyen and Jane. I came up with those horrible names as a kid. I couldn’t get rid of them. I wanted to, but ultimately that’s part of their charm. If you’ve seen any renderings of Kenyen you know I gave them both a serious visual upgrade. They used to look just awful.

Well more on these two for SURE! There’s much much more to learn!! Stay tuned and join me WEDNESDAY!! Thanks for your patience guys!

edit: Thanks, Dannysmartful!!! I meant to say WEDNESDAY! There’ll be an update tommorow!!!