OK! Well… the page is up!!! YAY! And since it is a newsbox day, welcome to my new readers! I hope you enjoy. Issue 5 is a great place to jump on. Please feel free to register to become a commenter.

And now issue 5 comes into focus a bit! Rodney and Dornail want to dish more on their adventures! The ones that were erased from our minds. I’m very excited because this will be the most I’ve touched on their secret past within the pages. Sure there’s been talk of this or that, but this entire issue will be addressing stuff that happened Pre-COCKS. Including the reintroduction of another very old character of mine that has NEVER made his way into the dojo comic. So get ready. It’s going be the bomb.

Also if you’ll notice the newsbox it’s composed of reader comments! Thanks guys! I just picked a couple I thought flowed in a funny way. Don’t fret if you feel your comment was hilarious. There will be more comment newsboxes like this one. I just thought it’d be a nice nod to some of my readers for bothering themselves to leave comments. Thanks again.

So tune in Monday. Dornail has an idea for how to compromise. Have a great weekend folks!