And so ends issue 4. Phew!! I wish I had a faster update schedule. That won’t happen till I can quit my day job and go full time comic artist. Thing is that I wanna do 2 issues that means you don’t see someone for MONTHS! Rosetta Stone, I’m lookin’ at you. Well if you missed her she’ll be all up IN the next one. See I know Raven’s Dojo seems like it’s written while in a drunken stupor, but there is a game plan in place actually. The first 2 issues were just totally insane, but then again I wanted to establish the feel for the series. It started on the island, but I wanted to bring in the 2nd primary location: St. Zano. Anyway there was  alot of groundwork to lay there.

Now for the next 2 issues I wanted to do an all dojo crew story that took place entirely on the island. It was important to show that Rosetta (while very important) isn’t a resident of the island and she lives her life in St. Zano while the dojo crew is doing their thing.

Coming up next, I’ve been waiting for this…. An important character from Rodney & Dornail’s secret past is brought in to play!! Plus a new threat. Boobs. Violence. Neo Nostalgia?! Stay tuned. It’s gonna be kick ass. I’ve been excited for this one for a while!