Hey Guys!

Okay. This being Tuesday and all, I am pretty solid on the updating schedule. It’s going to be Wed, Thursday, Friday. My only internet right now (unless I go home which… I’m bouncing between the two states NC and WV) is out in a public commons area in my apartment complex. Makes updating tricky, but not impossible. Anyway I should be able to pull those next 3 days off without a sweat so do tune in. Thanks for your understanding and hopefully I’ll have comicky goodness for you soon.

oh! I also see it’s newsbox day!
Okay! Well welcome New readers!!! I hope you have enjoyed your reading experience so far. The best is yet to come. It’s a great time to jump on since this current storyline is wrapping up and we’re heading on to new and exciting stuff. Also please not that even through the hardships of moving it’s important to me to find ways to update if I can. So I always deliver my 3 pages a week if I can help it. Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around! Raven