Hey Guys. Well… uh… I HAD a comment to go with Monday’s update, but apparently the site wanted other things. So er.. Here we are. Wed. No delay! HUZZAH! Dorian’s an artist with a slew of naked women available to him. It makes sense one of their attack formation’s would be based on the artist Dali’s famous skull image. Seriously. Google image search “Dali skull”. Anyway this battles in full gear and it’s only going to get MORE INSANE!

Be here Friday.

In other news, not only did I get back every single ONE of you from last month (an all time high), but I managed to pick up an extra 15000 or so readers without a newsbox. Pretty freaking awesome. I’m thankful for every single one of you. Your comments and support really help the long hours (and currently no pay!) be worth it. I’ll keep kicking as much ass as I can, just tune in.