Wowsers! And just like that a full week is up. I admit that I wanted more pages this week, but hey… It just wasn’t happening. These clown crowd scenes took their toll. Anyway that’s okay! Hitting the normal goal is ok with me compared ot last week’s shabby move tainted non update fest.

Anyway… RODNEY HATES CLOWNS! Hate’s them bad! Bad enough to roll them into a katamari! Also you never knew the world of clowns was so damned important did you? Probably hate them don’t you? Me too. It’s ok. When they came out of the squad care I knew… well.. you’ll see.

I have switched things up a bit with the layout, but there’s still some tinkering that needs done. If you’re here over the weekend ignore the screw ups. In case you’re wondering I have to get the layout different for my ad providers sake. Which is fine, just takes some work. Work I’m not the best at.

What I DO know is be here Monday with bells on! It’s gonna be awesome sauce! Have a great weekend!