Wow! So uh, you’re swimming in a sea of enemies and then.. things get worse?! Damned if even I know what’s next! (just kidding). I just want you pumped for Monday. The story draws rapidly to it’s conclusion!!

Also thanks for everyone playing around with the “guess the character” game on page 122. I will have a complete list of who is who on Monday. Just so you know there are a few out there that remain un-guessed!

Also no where near the cameos but I DID stuff a few in. I wanted to draw attention to Locus and Madeline in the panel where the car is crushing the beauties. Locus is the star of her self titled comic that can be found here. I’m enjoying that comic greatly. Great art. Very dark stuff. And Madeline is the star of Random mode! A fun and sexy title you can peep here. They’re both quite nice and worth your time.

Have a great weekend and see ya Monday!!