See that man all dressed in green! Iko Iko Unday!
He’s not a man he’s a love machine! Iko Iko Unday!

Dornail… He’s not like you and I. He’s got a super human libido. Put a kama sutra in his hands and it’s a lethal weapon. The center panel (if it wasn’t clear) was an explosion of pages from Dornail’s copy of the kama sutra. It was my way of showing a FLASH of fornication and sparing you nastiness. Plus I always wanted an excuse to parody those little illustrations with the crazy poses…. crazy poses I’ve done mostly. Come up with names for the poses! I name that one where the man and woman are posed like Egyptian hieroglyphics, “Fuck like an egyptian”.

We’re down to Rodney and the final two beauties! What next!? Find out Friday….