Hey Guys. 10 days. Ugh…. I HATE moving. And I hate missing updates worse than anything. A whole week lost to unpacking boxes and calling credit card companies to update your billing info and traveling to WV where your desktop lived only to forget your scanner cords. It has been very frustrating. Thankfully like 80% of it is over. 100% of the computer stuff is right so things will get to normal here. Thanks for your patience and check back everyday this week. I’m in redemption mode.

Anyway this FINALLY marks the debut of the car’s driver-Mona Lisa! Confused? Well the characters WILL speak about this a bit, so I won’t go into to much, but yes, this IS the Mona that Dorian broke up with (the one from the train station flashback last issue). Fun stuff. Fun stuff. This fight (and story) is rapidly drawing to it’s conclusion! Stay tuned!

As an aside I had a wonky list that explained characters in the giant female orgy of death scene. But it was horrendous… I’ll have something more graphical up today. Check back for it!

One more time thanks for your patience and get ready because I’ve got much goodness in store for you. P.S. If you have commented me a question or something I’m actually replying to those. Don’t know if it lets you know when you are replied to or not. Just thought you should know that I read, appreciate, and respond to(as often as I can) all comments.

update So remember when I said I’d bring a list of who was who exactly in the cameo heavy Orgy of Death? Here ya go. Click the link for the full list… CLICK HERE