It’s friday. It’s noon. You have a new page. Life is good! Today’s page was CRAZY FUN to draw. Vivisection on machines MUST look like exploding diagrams right? Anyway looks like Raven dispatched his Beauties lightning fast.

Oh… As an aside, it’s funny because I don’t really think of the Raven character as myself. Not necessarily anyway. So when I refer to him like that, it feels weird but he’s his own guy.  Kinda like an alternate reality version of myself.

It sounds absurd just talking about it. ANYWAY!  I hope you enjoy. Join me monday and let’ see how the rest of the dojo crew fare in their fights!

In sadder news, I’m sure you know Michael Jackson’s dead. I hope you don’t get the news from me!! He became a parody of himself towards the end and never wised up to the fact that wether he was doing anything or not it’d just be smart to not keep company with other people’s kids-    however    – the man WAS a living legend. His accomplishments as an entertainer were nothing short of astonishing and his body of work stands the test of time pretty damn well (as evidenced by Fall Out Boy’s cover of his music). Here’s hoping he’s somewhere he can be his bizzare self and be totally accepted.

I just wanna know who gets the elephant man’s bones….