Okay! So now that the page is up I really gotta hustle to my real world job (sigh…). Anyway!!! The stage is set for ass kicking. Dorian and his black beauties vs. the dojo crew. A fight to the death! Of course things aren’t as simple as all that either. Stay tuned!

In other news, I FINALLY put away Metroid 3. Also Punchout!! I scarcely get to play games these days since I’m so busy with the comic and my J-O-B, but it still feels pretty good to put those down. Man.. What next?! I wish Scribblenauts was out. Ds gaming is perfect for an artist. It’s designed to be fast and bite sized.

See you here Friday!
P.S. I’m not in love with Rodney’s dialogue. I just put it up because I HAVE to go to work right fucking now. Any alternative ideas? I have several of my own I’m going to think on….