Well, those poor beauties didn’t know who they were gripping on when they gripped on Rodney’s FIST! ha ha! So they get a little air time for their trouble. But Dorian doesn’t really look too worried…. or maybe he’s in shock… Check back Wed as the action continues (heck! the fight’s really just getting started!).

In other news I got to watch “My name is Bruce” with bruce campbell. ha ha. Damn hilarious stuff. Evil dead fan or not it’s a pretty good watch. Trying to track down a copy of “Thou shall not kill…except” (love that title) for my next viewing pleasure.

Also I just barely got into Zack and Wiki (only 2 years late! For me that’s good!). It seems perfect for me. Very fun. Easy to pick up and put down. So that’s my current poisen.

Anyone playing anything good? Watching anything cool?