Hey Gang! Well, Dorian SUCKS without reference!! And that is what we learned today. heh heh. Anyway what OH WHAT will Sarah’s response be to Dorian’s plea to model for him? Only one place and one way to find out…. Be here Monday.

I’m pretty poor. I mean like, raman noodle poor. Haven’t been there in a while. So if you want to commission some art it’s 20 bucks for black and white. 30 for color. 2 character max please.

Also I’m lookin’ for suggestions on merchandise you find folks would be willing to dish out for. I got a button maker, so those are coming, but what kind of shirts, posters, and other things are you interseted in? Let me know if ya got a sec. Thanks and see ya here monday.

P.S. Drag me to hell was marvelous. Check it out!