Dorian’s fate rests on Sarah Lee’s final verdict. And you know she’s been kinda in his favor! But we haven’t heard much really from her since the sex doll reveal. And how will she react when she comes face to face with her beauty? Well… Be here Friday. (^_^)~*

I wanna say thanks to everyone . May was an INCREDIBLE month for readership. We DOUBLED the readers!!!! So welcome to you all. I make these comics and they seem kinda tailored to my own weird sense of humor. I’m just glad they strike a chord with others. I can’t wait to show you what else the dojo crew is in for! So thanks for everyone who stuck with us and thanks to all my new readers.

Lastly E3 is happening. Man… It’s insane isn’t it? I’m very very pleased as a Wii owner. New metroid looks TEAM NINJARIFFIC! Just insane!! And more mario galaxy? New Super Mario Bros. on Wii WITH the koopa kids?! It’s heaven for a nintendo nerd. Also I’m so happy Microsoft is getting a camera in place for motion controls. It looks VERY interesting. Although my eye toy experience tells me that it won’t work well in a poorly lit room (which is kinda how I game).

Anyway what are you guys excited for? Post post post!

ravensdojoissue2coverthumb Also click that skull to take a look at issue 2’s cover. Yes, I’m slowly working on covers for the “issue” gallery I keep promising.