A bit of a tit for tat here! Dorian is sick of holding back and it’s time to brawl. I’m so excited! Man… I have been waiting for this moment. It’s so tough to hold back. The schedule feels like molassas sometimes, knowing the goodness I’ve got in store for you.¬† Anyway we’re in the thick of things now. A fight to the finish! Check back Monday!

Other news I wanted to say it’s been crazy exciting as the readership seems to be stepping up and getting more vocal! I haven’t really had a super vocal readership so it’s fun to get feedback and stuff. While I’ve got your ear let me ask your opinions-I need to try to whore myself out a bit. I’d like to make some pizza money from the dojo. So what things are you most willing to part with your cash for? A tip jar and printed collections are inevitable. Also¬† I have a button maker so buttons are on their way eventually. But do you like T-shirts? A fellow artist recommended stickers? What otehr sorts of things? If you have experience buying shirts from companies like Cafepress and what not, which ones do you think have the best quality?

Anyway hit me back with some thoughts on that stuff if you have the time. If not, see ya here monday!