Hey Gang… Acording to spell checker I should have used “cheesecloths” instead of chesticles. ha ha. Anyway WHOA! Page 99! Nearly 100! Ya want to feel happy because that’s a nice round number, but that’s only a few pages into issue 4 isn’t it? heh heh. Kinda defuses the bomb on your excitement. Readership continues to grow so I’m happy¬† and I hope you’re all enjoying the ride.

The art gallery is still in progress. I have a bunch of older fan art, but I want to launch with more NEW art for the new start. I have several artistic chums working and if you’re an artist reader please hit me up with some art (at raven at ravens dojo dot com…. subject dojo art ). Be sure to include your name, links, etc. I want to help you promote yourself too.

In news related to nothing comic related, I am LOVING the new punchout. It’s the fuckin’ best. For fans it’s a must own. For wii owners it’s a must try. Anyway that’s sad because I never DID beat old punchout.. Ah well.

Also it appears Tatsunoko vs Capcom IS coming to the US!!! So we’ll get to play as viewtiful joe once more! In a fighting game!!

Life is good…