So the lads have found a room of death! That’s shit tons of proof. More than they wanted really. So STAY tuned! Things are about to get…sexy?

In other less important news, I’ve started boxing again. In the world of punchout. It’s a sad confession for a guy that prides himself on being the kicker of many a difficult video game’s ass that I never put down punchout. Or super punchout! I loved them both, but eventually lost interest for other games. Well, I’m trying to put them both to bed before the new one hits. Currently Soda Popinsky is filling me with rage… I’ll drink soda pop on YOUR grave, Mother fucker!

Also I’m about to pop up a section for fan art. I want to include some extras aside from that. Wallpapers… avatars… that stuff’s obvious. Anything else anyone can think of? Let me know. Reply or email.