I am very excited to see Rodney and Dornail stepping back into the spot light. Much ass kickery is in store. I wanted to say thanks for everyone who is joining us and thanks for all those who are sticking with me as well. Readership is up quite a bit from last month so -hells yes!

Anyway I do have some regular commenters. I wanted you to know that you can set up the little pic next to your commenting by going to www.gravatars.com and log in. That’s right you’re already signed up by registering here! You just have to go upload a pic. What’s nice is this is a “global avatar” that will be used for you at all sorts of places where gravatars are used. Uh… for me that’s just this place… But if you comment a lot then it’s worth your time to jazz up your posts.

Having said that I personally don’t feel a forum is a necessity… yet… But if you (my beloved readers) ever want one you have only to ask. I’ll make it happen.

So stay tuned! More goodness to come.