Hey Doods!

My eyes have seen the light. I have been such a fool! Making comics in photoshop all the while blissfully ignorant of the powerhouse dynamo called MSPAINT!! I should have known. Microsoft makes the best stuff. Anyway I began to really look at what I’ve been doing and compared to the elegant finesse of a stick form rendered in MSPAINT my previous drek has been like a sting to the eye to say the least. I feel I’m finally, FINALLY awakening to the true potential of my craft! In a FRACTION of the time I created the masterpiece you’re reading today. This avant garde direction is sure to upset some but I hope you’ll stay with me. I swear it’s not just me jumping on the bandwagon. Stickmen comics may SEEM overprevelant online but I’ve come to appreciate them on a trancendental level. The minimalist drafting married to the raw kinetic energy of Cy Twombly… I’m sure people with taste will see what I’m going for. So strap on your strap ons and brace your braces- This is yet ANOTHER bold new beginning for Raven’s Dojo!!!


While it pains me that this isn’t a MSPAINT comic (because that WOULD have made it better), I am still quasi excited about the announcement of my super project Brain Planet Vs. Space Zombies. Get excited. It’s coming.